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Trip Reports

GW Canal, Riley's Lock to Pennyfield Lock, Oct...
Lisa Laden

LF gauge: 2.66', 1,250 cfs, water temperature 63°, air temperature 65-70°

(We noted that although the water was super low, the underwater weeds in the Potomac stretch down to Pennyfield are largely gone, so that paddling was easier than usual. - Alf)

Sixteen paddlers gathered for the last Sunday paddle of 2023 on the GW canal to enjoy the mild weather and water temperature. The trip had a Halloween theme with a few paddlers coming in costume and others decorating their boats. The day started out with some showers which stopped early on, making for very pleasant fall-color paddling. Everyone knew this run well, so paddlers proceeded down the creek at their own pace, catching eddies and playing and/or catching up with friends, with no traffic jams or moments of instability. As we floated to Pennyfield, our resident eagle pair greeted us from their tree on the island across from Blockhouse Point.

The OC-1 contingent included Gary and Ginny Q, Robin W, Rich C, and Alan G. They were greatly outnumbered by the K-1s on this trip: Diane H, Kathleen S, Pam W, Hildy F, Mikey B, Alf C, Gordy L, Natalie H, Dean H, Robert R, and the trip coordinator, Lisa L. Alan was paddling Rich's boat, Robin was paddling Alan's boat, and Rich brought a boat out of his stable. Halloween candy appeared at the open-boaters usual knee break below Diagonal. Costumes: a ladybug, a witch, and a zombie. One paddler had a scary, hairy (and shedding), spider on his helmet, and another had a large bat perched on hers. Alf brought SpongeBob Squarepants along for the ride, and other paddlers decorated their boats as well.

Thanks to Robert for running sweep. Thanks to all for setting an efficient shuttle and contributing to a great conclusion to the Sunday class 1-2 trips.

After we unset shuttle, we met at the picnic area at Riley's Lock for a late lunch and some special dessert to celebrate the end of the season and one OC-1W's birthday. The weather cooperated, and we had a wonderful time.

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