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Trip Reports

Staircase June 21, Thursdays - Leaders Wes & G...
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by Gary Quam
Eight boaters took on the Staircase today, Jean O., Cindy,  Wes M., Gary Steinberg, in K1’s, along with Ginny and Gary Q, and Jordan Woods-Wahl, in OC1’s. The called for afternoon thunderstorms failed to materialize and the crew enjoyed paddling under blue sky and puffy clouds for a good part of the run. One boater swam, with a self rescue at Bull Falls, and there was another swim at Whitehorse.

by Barb Brown
Barbara and Steve Draper paddled in the afternoon after spending the morning showing Elizabeth Watson the historical and access issues of the area.  We took out a Weverton, somewhat surprised by the low 2.7’ water. Gorgeous day enjoyed by all.

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