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Sunday Paddle - Violettes Lock Loop - 3.7 ft
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Pictures of the trip posted on CCA's Facebook. Enjoy. Barb
    We started a bit early - 8:30 - today, which was warm and sunny.  The Coast Guard in Baltimore said the security zone would be in effect after 9:00 - I informed them that the CCA was running a trip across the river outside the zone - they said check it on marine radio channel such-and-such - I said we're kayaks and don't use that - they: you can wave for attention to the enforcers. Perfectly polite - No enforcers hove into view - and we were ten.

    That is, Tijen test driving an RPM of Barb's, Toni B, Gary & Ginny in nifty OC-1s, Wayne, Gus, Barb, John S, Bill Carr, and me.  Only one upset as we avoided the logpile below Jacuzzi - although cut back by, we presume, Calleva, it is still lethal - and likely to stay in place for this season.  Level at 3.7 ft was a bit shy of two weeks ago's 3.9 ft, (20 paddlers).  So, a greater chance to try out Surfer's Ledge - I think five of us gave it a nudge.

    Returned across the Po, up to the C&O Canal, and with great difficulty were able to surmount the sycamore fallen in the drink right at the top of the transfer (Blockhouse Point).  Turtle count on the way back to our cars: 9 - with a family of 6 all strung out on a single log.   - A fine day out for both man and turtle.
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