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Trip Reports

TH PAD - Seneca Ck - 225 cfs - 1 Nov
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by Tim Tilson
     After two more phone calls and more dithering, Wayne and I decided to paddle on Seneca Creek from Berryville Rd to Riley’s Lock.  The draw was to get Ellen out for her first paddle on moving water.  I thought of calling you but it was after 1100 and I assumed you had gone over to Fletcher’s to piddle around.   If we do this again next year, we should invite Susan Pearcy.


Beautiful day.  I arrived at Riley’s early.  Three MoCo Fire/Rescue zodiacs were out on the river doing training.  The water on the ramp was in the yellow zone but Wayne decided tp push on anyways.  The trip only took about 40+ minutes.  Very lovely with the sun in our eyes, leaves falling, temps in the low 70s, good current.


Ellen enjoyed it, so it was a great success.


A few more boats and sea kayaks at the take out.  One of the boats was a skidoo by Bombadier (the snowmobile company).  It has an inboard jet engine. Very interesting.

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