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Trip Reports

THU PAD - Anglers to Lock 10 - 4.37 ft - 11 Oct
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  by Tim Tilson

 We had four intrepid paddlers willing to brave the remnants of Hurricane Michael today: Wayne, Barb, Cory Heyman and myself.  The level was 4.37.  In order to beat the rain, we kept the run from Anglers down.  We didn’t run up to the Chutes, but pushed directly down stream.


Barb and Cory played at Offut.  It was interesting how much bigger and powerful that wave is at 4’+.


Yellow Falls was interesting.


At Stubblefield Barb and Cory went exploring the far river right ledge. At this level they reported some interesting play spots that are ignored by most of us who just run down the big central tongue.


Off the river by around 12:40.  No rain to report and it was in fact slightly cloudy or even partly sunny on the way home.  Although it now has clouded up again.

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