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Trip Reports

Lower Yough 9/6/2018
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Lower Yough Thursday September 6th

We were lucky to catch the Lower Yough on September 6th at 2.06 feet, one of the rare times this year that the river was at a typical summer water level.  There were nine participants on the trip:  two open canoes (Kim B. And Larry L.) and seven K-1s (Jenny T., Mark B., Jim P., Jim K., Jim L., Gisela P., and Fred D.).   As we moved past the surfing wave at Entrance, the skies grew dark and there was quite dramatic lightning and thunder, enough for us to debate whether to stay in the staging eddy above Cucumber or continue downstream to lower topography.  It really produced only a brief downpour.  The weather improved after that.  It was a strong group, making a leisurely run, playing our way down the river.  We were the only hard boaters that day with maybe only 8 LROs (large rubber objects) to contend with.  There were a few flips and one inconsequential swim.  Afterward, we dined at Maywood on Rt. 40 at Jim P's recommendation.  Good restaurant.  All in all, it was a very nice day with a great group of people.  

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