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Trip Reports

Bloomie II - Sun, 26 August
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by John Snitzer
The North Branch on Sunday was very much a repeat of the Saturday run.  We had a cast of thousands . . . . . the river was obligingly fluffy, the weather was warm. What could be better than a gentle North Branch run mid-summer? 

Potomac North Branch is the ultimate intermediate whitewater run in this area.  For a new paddler with moderate experience and developing skills, it is a step up from beginner runs.  The river is wide open and very readable.  Significant strainers are rare and except for the risk of a long swim, it is a reasonably safe piece of whitewater.  Since it is dam controlled, the level is predictable.  Best of all, it is close enough for an easy day trip and there are always experienced paddlers on hand.

For more aggressive paddlers, the NB can be made as challenging as you wish.  Catching all the eddies in a wide swath of river on long rapids is demanding. With the simple shuttle there is always the option of a second (and third) run if you want to improve fitness.

We had an adventurous crowd (of 15, see below) so all possible lines at Robin's Nest were run.  Lisa ran successfully through the tree top of the new strainer in the takeout rapid jug handle so it is not stream-wide as reported. Trip was rated 10/10.

Lisa Fallon, Daniel Mullins, Michael Wellman, Marilyn Jones, , Mike Higgins, Ron Ray, Ron Fisher, Kathleen Sengstock, Rich Conde, Jean O'Steen, Robin Willard, John Finley, Beth Koller, Cindy Rogers and John Snitzer of course. 
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