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THU PAD - Kellys Ford @ 4.5 ft - 16 Aug
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by Tim Tilson -
       We had five for today's trip:   
OC1s: Gary and Ginny Quam,  myself. - - K1s Cindy Rogers and Jim Long.  The latter put in at Kelly's Ford and paddled upstream to meet us.

      Level was 4.5 which most of us agreed was a perfect level. Some folks always want more water.  Evidence of the huge water down there with trees stuck up on the banks etc.  Sandy Beach rapids seemed a little more bouncy.  Jim says the high water has moved some of the rocks around.

     Later I was practicing eddy turns when I looked up to see Piggly Wiggly coming up fast.  So had to turn around and charge forward.  Good to practice but can't lose situational awareness.     No carnage to report. 

Stopped at Remington Drug afterwards. Big news is they now offer home made lemonade and limeade.  Really great for those of us who are lactose intolerant. Freshly squeezed with sugar and ice water  Just like grandma made. 
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