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GW Canal - August 12, 2018
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With the Potomac River finally starting to recede to more typical levels (4.43' on the Little Falls gauge), the Sunday paddlers returned to the GW Canal after a lengthy absence - Gary & Ginny Q, Glenn D, Louise S, Pam W, Scott R, Tijen & Berke B, Tim T, and Wayne McD. Grey clouds but no rain. A generally uneventful run although at slalom rapid a submerged tree branch rose up and snatched an unsuspecting paddler who spilled. Following the onslaught of floods recently there are a couple of new developments to report:
  • A large tree has established what appears to be semi-permanent residence in the center of jacuzzi rapid. However, there are clear lines on both left and right.
  • Mysteriously, a new rapid has emerged a couple of hundred yards downstream from jacuzzi rapid - a Class I+ drop. With today's water it could be run either left or right; at lower levels it could become problematic.
  • The Muddy Branch takeout to the Pennyfield Lock parking lot has become a maze with four or five large trees partially blocking the creek. It could be navigated today, but, again, may become difficult at lower levels.
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