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Thornton River - Aug 9 - 6 inches
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by Tim Tilson,
We had seven boats today:  4 OC1s Gary, Ginny, Larry and myself.  3 K1s: John, Barb and  Cindy.


Level was around 6-8”on the Randy Carter gauge.  So it was doable.   Even this at 60 cfs on the Battle Run gauge felt too low.  So while it probably can be done at 40 ( Gary and Ginny had done it at 47) I would seriously keep the 70cfs minimum as established by Steve.  As John said it was really scrapey. 


Back in April, we had only one serious strainer.  This time there were 5-6.  This was the worse for strainers of the 6 times I have done it over the past 20 years.  No carnage to report.  Interestingly, it was about the same level back in April but then we flew down the river.  In fact if you remember, we were off so early we went and did the upper third of the Hughes.  In this case we met at 10:30, ran the shuttle and then put on around 11:30.  Took off at 3:30!! So much slower than the April trip.


The lower bridge over the Thornton is being repaired. So we paddled up the Covington and took out at the Baptist church christening-place there.

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