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SUN PAD -29 July - Goose CK - 500 cfs
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by Tim Tilson -

      Pretty quiet day on the Goose.  8 Paddlers - evenly split between 
OC1s and K1s.   We had Mark Wray,  Pam W, Ginny and Gary Q, Wayne, Barb, Kathleen and myself. 

Put In at Sycolin Rd  was really wet with lots of brambles. I notice the scratches on my legs when I got home.

     Creek was at 500 cfs a nice level.

      We saw three egrets, a blue heron, and a bald eagle. 

      The only moment of danger was our encounter with the paving crew on River Point Drive.  I was afraid the street was closed.

     Pam reports the Goose Creek Golf Course is closed - land will be used for a housing development.

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