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Lower Antietam Creek - June 17, 2018
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A horde of 14(!) paddlers - Barb B, Bridget K, Cindy R, Dianne W, Elena P, Gary Q, Ginny Q, Hein B, Johnathan K, Kathleen S, Keith E, Richard W, Tom P and Wayne McD - enjoyed a good level (3.28', 415 cfs) and good weather on the lower section of Antietam Creek on Sunday, June 17th. Our flotilla was comprised of five K-1s, three OC-1s, and three OC-2s, so victory for the open boaters. The star of the trip was four-year-old Elena who ably served as bow paddler for Father Tom in an excellent Father's Day activity - she had a ball. The overall group suffered only minor carnage - one spill at the pour-over dam just below Burnside Bridge. There had been considerable speculation about the status of Furnace Rapid which just a few days ago was completely submerged by backwash from the Potomac. But, no, the Po has now receded and Furnace was pumping.

The trip got off to a slow start when several paddlers, notably the befuddled trip coordinator, were unable to reach the meeting point at the take-out due to the closure of Harpers Ferry Road between Sandy Hook and Dargan. I'm not sure what the ongoing status of the closure is; we should keep this in mind when planning trips in this area.
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