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TH PAD - Goose Ck - 490 cfs - 14 June
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by Tim Tilson - Goose Creek level was 490 cfs against a 0 of 200.  Temps were around 8 with a cerulean sky. (I put that in for Alf who loves fine writing).   We started with five paddlers in four boats and ended up with six paddlers in five boats.  We had myself (OC1) , Wayne (K1) , Virginia delRosario (K1) and Cannon Warren and Nick Childress (OC2).  The latter was tricked out with a skirt arrangement vice air bags.  They looked like they were ready to run the Lower Yough.  After putting on and as we approached the dam, we were joined by Justin Shiber (K1).  No problems getting past the dam.  We had a slight hiccup in Golf Course rapids.  Saw lots turtles and a heron.    At the take out we ran into yet another outdoor adventure group called Fishing and XXX.  They had a bunch of 10 yr boys out in rec kayaks to fish.   With Justin, Cannon and Nick along the average age for this trip was significantly less than that for the Lost contingent. J
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