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THURS - 25 May - Sandy Beach to Lock 10
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by David Cottingham


A beautiful day to paddle Mather Gorge and the Potomac.  Six kayakers (Mark Brenneman, Wayne McDaniel, Jim Keihn, Hugh Hilliard, Ken Cohen, and trip coordinator David Cottingham) met at Great Falls Park (MD) to carry our boats down the C&O Towpath to Sandy Beach.   Thanks to Tim Tilson for assisting with the shuttle from Lock 10 parking lot.   Little Falls gage read 3.26, meaning we had to carry our kayaks across the rocks at entrance to Potomac at S-Turn rapid.  It’s a slow process.  All peeled out into the current and down the river.  We met Lisa Laden and Peter Ryan (both K-1) just after we had paddled through Wet Bottom Chute, as they had attained from Anglers Inn.  All went smoothly.  Tim Tilson, Ginny Quam and Gary Quam (all OC-1) met us at the river bank near Anglers Inn.  We proceeded uneventfully to Lock 10.  Wonderful day on the Potomac with friends.

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