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Needles, April 20, 2023
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With many regular Thursday paddlers at WV Week of Rivers and others off backpacking, the Trip Coordinator was expecting only light interest in the the proposed trip on the Needles. Instead, with a perfect weather forecast in the 70's to 80's and light winds, lapsed paddlers decided to dust off their boats and take them to the river. Fourteen people signed on: Larry L, our only OC-1; Henry Herrmann in slalom kayak; and also in kayaks Gary S, Wayne M, Randy S, Tony A, Sarah K, Sam C, Bruce C, Ken C, Sean C, Hildy F, and Lisa L, Trip Coordinator. Sarah brought a friend, Josie, who paddled a ducky. Unfortunately, Waze sent Hildy to the wrong location and due to an emailed typo in the TC's cell number, Hildy never connected with the group. We put in at Bakerton. Henry is a former Thursday Paddler visiting from Boston. Sam is with us for a few weeks from NC. Josie paddled her ducky with great aplomb and a big smile the entire time. It was a very congenial and cohesive group. Although the water was getting low - 2,940 cfs at Shepherdstown and 4,460 at Point of Rocks - we found plenty of small and medium waves to surf and many opportunities to practice skills. The deep blue sky highlighted the vivid green of the new leaves on the trees. Larry adds, "A lovely, mild-mannered paddle with a couple very respectable surfing opportunities."

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