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Thursday Paddle November 10th at Little Falls. 2....
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Here's a relevant tidbit on the last topic on this post: Man traveling from New York suspected in 18 Potomac, Md., vehicle break-ins - WTOP News

On maybe the last warm and beautiful November run down Little Falls, Gary and Ginny Q in C1s, Daniel R. in his dory (D1), and K1 paddlers Cottin , Mark B, Ned L, Gary S, Chris O, Sarah L, Howard M, and Peter Ryan (coordinator) paddled safely to the end. We solved the D1's broken oarlock problem by eddying out channel left two eddies above the final drop and walking on a well worn path to drop the boat in the final pool. At 2.8, cutting across the river below the dam is 'a drag' as the D1 and 3 others proved, so it's the better plan to stick closer to the rubble dam where the water is more passable. As we worked our way down, Ned, Mark, Gary, Sarah and Chris, in particular, surfed every spot they could. Bonus of the day at that point: two demonstrations of a excellent C-to-C roll mid-channel Potomac by Sarah! Mark, Ned, Gary and Peter ran the low-water (read bumpy) Beaver slide successfully, and then it was on to the main event. Cottin gathered several observers to help Daniel scout his first run of Little Falls. In the meantime, Gary S. paddled Maryland side first to be ready for a rescue if needed. Mark, Chris, Ned and Peter ran the Virginia side to the big Virginia eddy. Ned wisely suggested he get ready with a rope to be ready for Daniel's run, and positioned himself above the notch between the channels. Chris decided to ferry from Virginia eddy to the Maryland side, and found himself heading to the dark side. From my advantage point in the Virginia eddy, it looked like he was swallowed alive only to pop out going upside down. No matter-he just rolled up and went on his way. Next, we all waited at the bottom of Maryland with Ned in the notch, rescue minded, for Daniel's run. He worked his way cautiously and skillfully without mishap to the anti-climax for sure. Daniel is officially no longer a newbie and ready for his next run. After the non-event, Sarah, joined by Peter, practiced rolling in the trailing waters of the Maryland chute and Peter continued that practice in the C&O canal with Gary's excellent instruction. On to fish taco!

Final Note: Peter's Honda Odyssey was burglarized (no obvious signs other than the lock cylinder was destroyed) and his credit cards stolen in the Lock 5 parking lot and used at Dior for $20K+ of purchases. The NPS are aware of this guy's activities and there is a warrant for his arrest. Park Police informed me that Hondas and Acuras are the most likely to be burglarized as they're easiest to break in to.

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