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Trip Reports

Thu Pad - Little Falls at 2.82 ft - Low Tide - 3 N...
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Trip Coordinator - Mark Brenneman

18 paddlers appeared for this unseasonably warm-weather descent of a low Little Falls. Water temp was 58 degrees. We were: Mark, Mike Keefe, Gary Steinberg, Sarah - - (PFD) , Gary Q, Larry Lempert, and Bruce Chapman, Kim B (which 8 all descended the Beaver Slide without mishap.) Less adventurous dramatis personae were Lisa Laden, Cotton C, Jenny Th, Jill O'N, Paul Mohler, O, Ginny Q, Sheila Ch, Howard on an SUP, and Alf C. At the Little Falls, all ran the Maryland side without advance scouting. All survived the last drop, enhanced by the low tide, except for our adventurous SUP, which upset as it reached the tidewater.

Retuning up the Canal, Cotton took several photos which we sent to the Parkies showing that we really do use the Canal - and sure enough, a couple of days later, they gave us a ten-day reprieve from draining this section of the Ditch. The drop-dead date is now Thurs, 16 Nov.

As we were leaving, Anne Kibler arrived, saying that Lynn Miller and a couple of other folks would join - to do the run as the tide was up.

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