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GW Canal - C&O Canal loop - LF 2.81 ft., Nov. ...
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Check at the pictures on CCA's facebook page! Barb

On the first Sunday after our regularly scheduled Sunday paddles, we took advantage of unseasonably warm temperatures to run the GW Canal - C&O Canal loop for the last time in the foreseeable future. The C&O Canal will be dewatered beginning Monday, Nov. 7th for possibly 2 years while work is done. We had a robust group of 15. In OC-1s: Gary and Ginny Q., Kim B., Hendrik vO., Alan G. and in K-1s: Alf C., Barb B., Gordy L., Lisa L., Jenny T., Pam W., Jack F., Paul, Miki K., Jim C. LF gage 2.81 ft. Water temp: 62. Weather: cloudy, but no rain, low 70s, winds S 4 mph. Combined water and air temperature were above 130, so no drysuits on this trip. The group crossed the river together, but then stretched out as some headed downstream faster than others. There was a lot of surfing at the Wave Hole, and all up and down the canal. There was at least one attainer at the Attainment rapid. We finished with a stiff competition at the Exit rapid to see who could catch the most eddies. I think the max was 25. There were also a few surfers spending time on favorite waves while crossing the river back to the C&O Canal. We saw the two resident eagles in the dead tree on the island in the main channel of the river headed back to the C&O Canal. The turtle count, verified by two independent paddlers, was 1. It did make us wonder where the turtles go when they dredge the Canal. All in all, a fabulous day, no swims and great weather for a late fall November day. I think everyone enjoyed the paddle back up the C&O Canal knowing it’s the last shuttleless GW Canal trip for a while. 

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