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GW Canal at 4.5 ft - Clear from Top to Bottom
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Seven of us ventured forth on this sunny Easter morning - 10:00 - Wayne, Gordy, Gus, Ginny and Gary, Tim and Alf. Temps climbed as we were out there, as did the wind velocity, mounting, it was predicted to 22 mph. We had chosen the GWC, so wind was not an issue. As Barb reported on her Jan 14 outing, there are no blockages in the Canal until you come to Debris Rapid, where a haystack-sized woodpile on the left can be safely passed on either side. The rest of the years-long blockage can be seen strewn along the right side of the long pool leading to the last GWC rqpid.

4.5 feet, of course obliterates many of the GWC's enticing features, but a Summer's worth of delightful descents lies before us. The river - and the down-wind blast - blew us off our usual course back to the Maryland shore. The C&O is adequately watered, although getting a little shallow toward the top, where the surface of the Violettes parking lot is slowly filling up the prism. We shall call the Park tomorrow to get the level raised.

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