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Nanjejmoy Creek Icebreaker Ed Gertler trip leader
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Please click on the facebook icon to see Barbara Brown's images of the trip.

There were 11 of us on the Icebreaker - Ed himself, Barb, John Snitzer & me (Alf) in a pair of sea kayaks of 40 feet in combined length, Miki Komlosh, Gary & Ginny Quam together in a canoe, Joe in a beautiful homeade sea kayak, Matthew in a canoe, and Anna Normand and Eric in another canoe. Nanjemoy is ca 40 mi S of the Beltway - in Maryland's Charles County.

All were promptly at Friendship Landing by 10:00 and paddling up the winding creek past tall sere grass and mudbanks for about an hour to a unused concrete apron on river (ascend) right. There we picnicked and visited. Another half hour upstream your correspondent turned back - the others proceded perhaps another quarter hour until, coming on a blocking log, where they tdecided to turn around. In Barb's photos you can see a small ruined wooden water-driven mill on a side stream. A surprise, given the general flatness of the terrain. Pleasant day and a nice change from our general ice-melting streams farther inland

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