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Calico Falls Attain - 22 Nov - with Turkey Sightin...
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by Gus Anderson

Eight people on the pick'up trip today

Temp 65, partly sunny. level 3.4. John Snitzer, David Cottingham, Chris Oberlin, Kathy Sengstock, Rolando Arrieta, Lisa Laden, Jackie Hoglund and Gus Anderson joined the trip.

Gus and David attained up the right side of Calico Falls then cut over to the far left to get to the top

Everybody else went up the right side and continued up the center channel to the left of Offit Island and ran down Offer Rapid and Yellow Falls except Gus, Jackie, John and Kathleen who ran down the Maryland channel for a change. We saw two.turkeys fly across the river below Calico, probably seeking a hideout before Thanksgiving.

Parking was almost a problem and would have been more of one on a sunny day.

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