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Sun Pad, 15 Nov - Seneca Creek - 100 cfs
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Go to CCA's Facebook page (the blue f) to see pictures of the Seneca Creek Trip.

Herding cats at the beginning - ending with smooth sailing. I had the early morning challenge of pulling together two paddling trips, exiling one paddler from the island - then recovering him, and meeting up at the end with another who had initially begged off. Thanks to a lack of any boat-stopping strainer and the good sense of the company, we managed to negotiate the creek from Dawsonville/Rte 28 bridge to the Potomac coming out with the same number as put in.

Oddly, with 7+1 very experienced paddlers we found that three of us had not done this pleasant creek - Gregory Maassen, Jackie Hoglund, and Gus ! - while for the rest of us - Barb, John S, Kathleen, and me - it was old shoe. The first set of trees down was the most challenging, but a way through was found so all could boast at trip's end that we had not had to step out of our boats. 100 cfs (min is 85) was a perfectly adequate level - we counted fewer than five rapids where a boat grounded out. Just down from Berryville Landing we encountered Mikey Baummer coming up the stream. At the end we had occasion to use the new floating stainless steel geezers' (and handicapped) take-out machine. We who succumbed to its allure propose that the Club place a number of them at select takeouts we frequent.

Met at Rileys at 10:00. put on at 11:15, left Dawsonville parking at 4:00. As usual the weatherman lied about expected rains and cool weather - though overcast, the weather was balmy (60) and dry.

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