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Thur, Nov 12 - Carderock Attainment
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The masses of white snakeroot on the islands have dried to a warm brown and the sage green lichens and bright mosses were striking on the gray cliffs.

Gus Anderson, John Snitzer, Lisa Laden. and Anne Kibler attained from Carderock on Thursday after meeting at 1 pmwith no rain all afternoon, river level at 3.9 and air temp at 55. In keeping with Gus' rules we do not report when someone forgets an important piece of equipment. We attained up the right attainment side of the middle channel with Anne and Lisa continuing up the right side to the top. Gus and John paddled most of the way up on the right then cut to the left to attain the eddy behind the big island in the middle, continuing further left to work up to the top. We then paddled up to the attainment left of Offitt Island and attained a rapid that flowed from the river right channel to the middle channel, then paddled down through Yellow falls. The right hand route up seemed easy for Anne in a race boat, but difficult for Lisa in a shorter boat. Gus thought the route he and John took was easier than the right side route but still a challenge. All agreed it was a good level and a great day on the river. 

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