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Trip Reports

THU PAD #1 - Little Falls - 3.27 ft - 29 Aug (w/ P...
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by Mark Brenneman
     We had 8 paddlers on the LF trip today, including Barb, Mikey B, Larry, Cindy, Bruce, Anne Kibler, Jeannine, and me. The weather was spectacular (low 80’s, clear skies, and low humidity). We saw water snakes, turtles, osprey, and a bald eagle. Larry and I ran the Beaver Slide, which is well padded at this level. I went left and boofed the ledge at the end of the rapid. We observed that it was also runnable at this level to the left of the rocky island.
       The level was 3.27’ and the tide was lowish. This made LF proper an exciting finale. Larry went to the Virginia side, dropping through a slot below the scouting rock into the big eddy and then ferried across the chaos near the room of doom. The rest of us ran the Maryland side, which culminated in an awesome wave train. One swim ensued, but we otherwise had a clean and very enjoyable run.

Barb's photos can be found on the CCA Facebook page - accessible from the home page.
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