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Trip Reports

Lower Yough @4.1 (2800cfs) - June 24, 2018
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Paddlers: Ross D. and Nathan W.  One OC1 and one kayak.  River level was 4.1-4.18 at approximately 2700cfs.  Water temp was 63-64; air temp was warm.  At this level, most rapids had same characteristics as lower levels but everything was bigger.  Entrance and Cuk were cushioned and we entered Cuk from river right instead of river left to right, Cuk waves were big.  Bottle of Wine was a lot bigger than usual and the river right route had a large wave trough just prior to the center rock.  At the rock, it was a large wave as well - more challenging at this level in my opinion.  Dimple was big, OC1 portaged and kayak paddled it.  Rivers end was big and the hole at the first drop was huge, OC1 went into the hole, stayed up, surfed around a bit and then got spit out to continue on down the river; new electric bilge pump was turned on to complete the lower part of Rivers End.   Normally an easy rapid, Stairstep rapid was bigger than usual and had a drop in river middle with converging waves that should be avoided.  Trip time was 2 hours and 20 minutes. 
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