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Seneca Breaks - 3.2 ft - 28 Nov
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by John Snitzer

We had a Libertarian Violettes trip today, no socialist planning or constraints for us! Miki, Cotton and John met, planning to put on for a Breaks attainment at 1:00, only to run into and join with Marilyn J., Lisa F, and Barb, who seems to sniff out paddling trips like a bloodhound after convicts in the Georgia woods.

It was a fresh day, fiftyish with lots of sun. LF 3.2'. We nosed around through dam #2 and the big boulders of Seneca Breaks. Two of us had old time long skinny kayaks, perfect for attaining. Why did we turn away from boats that actually had some forward speed anyway? 

After the turn around, we ended up breaking into three groups, two who ran the canal loop, two, in fast boats who were ably to slip up the fast water to get into the channel below the wing dam, two who took the longer route up along the Maryland shore to bypass the fast twisty channel. All were eventually reunited. All paddled elegantly.

This is a beautiful stretch of river with lots of opportunities to work on technique and play at different levels. Wildlife and wildflowers change with the seasons. There are several non-shuttle options for life during Covid.

Repeats are planned for calm afternoons warmer than 50. There is also interest in out and back touring trips in sea kayaks on flatwater rivers, tidal creeks, and marshes. Stay tuned. 

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