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Thornton River - May 27
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Sun, 27 May, 2018 - Not wanting to go out of town for the holiday weekend, Hendrik and I looked for a paddling opportunity closer to home.  River levels were low; however the weather forecast was for rain Saturday, so we set sights on Cedar Creek for Sunday.  Ginny & Gary Quam would join us.  It did rain, and the rivers rose – too much for Cedar Creek.  Plan B had been the Rappahannock at Remington, but the rapids would have been washed out.  Plan C:  meet in Warrenton, drive to either the Thornton or the Hughes/Hazel, and take a look.  First stop was the Thornton, where the RC gauge showed 1-2 inches of water.  With rain a possibility, we decided to do it and not waste any more time.  It started off a bit scrapey and continued that way.  At “Prepare to Meet Thy God” rapid, Hendrik attempted to paddle through the center but stuck on rocks.  I went river left and banged through, to be followed by Ginny, then Gary.  Hendrik backed up, turned around and paddled through on the left.  After a lunch stop, we heard rumbles of thunder, then a shower hit.  But it didn't last long.  Next, a repeat -- thunder, and rain began.  However, this time it was not just a passing shower.  Hard rain accompanied us to the take-out.  After loading boats, Ginny & Gary headed home while I drove Hendrik back to the put-in to retrieve his vehicle.  The gauge showed the river had risen about 2 inches.  That level would have been good.  In summary, the RC gauge (painted by Louis Matacia) is off by 2 inches for canoe zero, we paddled at a too low a level, we got drenched, and we all enjoyed the day.

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