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Staircase - 5/31/18
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Thunderstorms were forecast, but the group of 10 that ran the Staircase on Thursday, putting on at 11:30 and taking out at 2:30, saw nary a drop and even found some sunshine towards the end of a great day on the river. The Shenandoah was running at 4.7’. Bull Falls was a blast. One of the group ran slot #1, three slot #2, and the rest hit slot #3, all of us getting through upright. Terrific surfing was had all the way down the Staircase to the confluence with the Potomac, which was running at 6.7’ (Hancock). Whitehorse was rocking large with a long wave train that allowed a few of us to get some air. Paddlers were Mark, Chris, Matt, Carrie, Jean, Virginia, Vitas, Zofia, Barb and Susan.
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