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TH PAD - Cacapon @ 1,000 cfs - 24 May, w/ VIDEO
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by Tim Tilson      While other Thursday Paddlers braved the upper Cacapon, aka the Lost, a second set of Thursday paddlers were out west on Thursday 25 May.  Under the inspired leadership of Tim  Tilson - Wayne McDaniel, Ron Shanholtz, Paul Schneider, John Snitzer and Alf Cooley paddled the familiar middle Cacapon.  The run was the usual, from Edwards Run to WVa Rte 127. The weather was sunny, in the mid 70s, the water level at our location was about 1,000 cfs, though the downstream USGS gauge read in the low 2,000s.  The rapids were all well-padded, and there was no carnage.   We saw a pair of bald eagles and a family of ducklings.   With the high water and no monkeying around (i.e. interminable surfing) we were done by 2:15.  A quick shuttle brought everyone back topside for an early arrival back home - - - 

    - - - save for Alf and Tim, who got John to show them the scene of last Thursday's memorable run - 7 miles to the west on US 50, Tearcoat Creek, now much crestfallen, was below zero.



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