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Bull Falls, Staircase, White Horse Sunday, May 13t...
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Attendees: Mark Brenneman and Peter Ryan
Water Level: 2.91
Overcast; spot of sun here and there.

Rain stopped just as we put in. Weather was mostly overcast the rest of the day.  Shenandoah water was warmish, Potomac ~5 degrees colder. Very large fish moved the surface while hunting prey on the Shenandoah; so much we thought there were new rapids.  As we approached Bull Falls, we elected to go far left given the number of trees/strainers in the middle of the river.  What a good choice we made as that run is a quick and excellent roller coaster. Paddling over to the middle, we saw a tree extending below the falls which may or may not have strainer qualities.  We played our way down Bulls Tail and Staircase; no great surfing spots but we tried nearly all of them and Roller Coaster served up nicely.  Got tired after that...I was beginning to feel the Potomac Downriver Race and was in it for the finish only from that point on. Still, Mad Dog progressed along enjoyably with some fun spots and White Horse was its usual obnoxious but exhilarating self. What might have been a wet day turned perfect for the run.
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