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Upper Yough - 2.25' - 5 May 18
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Ran the Upper Yough on a fine May Saturday during the weekend of Cheat Fest.  (We had originally planned to run the Top Yough, but it was too low.)

The level was 2.25 ft at the Sang Run gauge, or about 3 inches above a normal release, which proved pushy and padded in the steep sections, helpfully propulsive in the flat sections, and overall kept things interesting, even in creek boats.  Our group consisted of three paddlers: Tom Hackman (coordinator and author of this report), Jim C., and Matt B., all of whom were experienced on this run.  No swims, but more than a few missed lines and rolls due to the pushy levels and tiredness setting in during the second half of this long section.  Ran the harder left side slot lines in Charlie's Choice (V). Several of us missed boofs and tangled with bigger than usual holes at Meat Cleaver, Powerful Popper, and Tombstone.

-Tom Hackman
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