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TH PAD - Staircase @ 3.1 ft, Po @ 16,000 cfs
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Bob Maxey headed a trip of seven other kayakers down the Staircase - 11 May.   Barb, John S., John Hauris, Wes Mills, Cory H, Chris Oberlin, Alf .   The River & Trail put-in at Millville was unmanned.  Picnicked on the Bull Falls Ledge, all then ran the extreme left gap, Barb in the lead.  Number Two slot was open, but many to the right were jammed or had dangerous logs overhead.  In playing below the Fall - one upset.  Despite the water's height, the Foundry Wave could be played.  Into the Potomac with 8x as much water.  Bob set a conservative route down a relatively placid Whitehorse, the roostertail st the bottom being the only challenge.  Came into Piney Creek and could paddle up it almost to the road.  As the shuttle cars returned the threatening rain finally started - briefly.  Ice cream treat at the Rocky Point Creamery.  Home by 5;00.  

Here's a humongous pic by Barb at the end of the run - just below Potoma Wayside - look how Piney Run is gushing!
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