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SB Potomac/Smokehole Canyon @3.15feet (456cfs) - M...
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Attendees: Ross Dence, Larry Lampert, David Bylsma, Jim Scott, Jim Long.  4 vessels: two OC1s, one OC2, and one Kayak.  Most met at Exit 296 off of 81 at 9:30am, Jim Long met us at the put-in (we arrived at put-in around 11:30am).  We put-in just below the bridge at 220, Jim Long spoke with the land owner who allowed us to use his stairs that led down to the river.  We set shuttle with the take out at Big Bend Parking Lot.  We entered the water just after 1pm and took off the water just after 5pm.  We were on the road back home before 6pm.  Weather was mild and sunny.  We had one spill at Landslide and another spill at a spot where the river splits that is a few rapids above the low bridge; this is where we stopped for lunch.  We saw one other group of paddlers on the river and many folks fishing on the river banks.  Many birds were spotted and heard throughout the day.       
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